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    • Bio-Global | 5cp Meal Tray with Lid | Pack of 400pcs


      Package Contains: 400pcs
      Product Dimension: 300mm X 230mm X 30mm (Bottom), 300mm X 230mm X 10mm (Lid) (LXBXH)
      Product Color: Ultra Cream
      Product Material: Biodegradable

    • Identity | Party Pack | Pack of 10set


      Package Contains: 10sets ((Pack of 70pcs/set) 10pcs of 11″ Meal Plate, 10pcs of 6″ Plate, 10pcs of Glass, 10pcs of Square Bowl, 10pcs of Round Bowl, 10pcs of Spoon, 10pcs of Fork)).
      Product Dimension: 46mm X 28mm X 8mm (LxBxH)
      Product Color: Transparent
      Product Material: Crystal
      Key Feature:70-piece dinnerware set suited to serve a sitting of 10. This dinnerware set is lightweight and stackable, making it convenient for everyday use.

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