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Identity | Crystal | Flora Cup | Pack of 1000pcs

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Package Contains: 1000pcs
Product Diameter: 65mm
Product Height: 34mm
Product Color: Transparent
Product Capacity: 55ml
Product Material: Polystyrene (PS)
Key Feature: Elegant transparent bowls can make your family activities or parties more delicate. These plastic bowls are great for snacks, veggies and catering events. Can be used for fruits, salads, candies, desserts, and more.

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  • Serve all of your favorite dishes, snacks, desserts, and treats with the Serving Bowl from IDENTITY.
  • The bowl is also durable and sturdy making it suitable to serve and hold all types of food items.
  • Use it to serve cold or hot snacks with absolute ease.
  • Mini bowls are not only great for measuring ingredients while cooking or baking but can also serve as individual candy dishes to put out for your guests.
  • Serve dessert at home or at an event. Hosting your friends for some chocolate or dessert.
  • And whenever you’re in the mood of serving or eating some crackers and dips, just grab some bowls and fill ‘em up! Don’t stress about the mess and party smart with IDENTITY!
Weight 17.04 kg
Dimensions 59.43 × 39.62 × 28.95 cm



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